Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please Sir, the dog ate me copy!

Teacher : Son, where's your homework?
Bertie : Ehh, sir, I forgot to bring in me copy.
Teacher : I thought I told you to bring it in today.
Bertie : I know sir, sorry sir.
Teacher : So what happened?
Bertie : I had it on the kitchen table this morning sir.
Teacher : OK. And?
Bertie : Ehh, I thought I had it in me bag.
Teacher : But you didn't. So where is it?
Bertie : Ehh, I can't remember sir.
Teacher : Oh you can,. Think.
Bertie: Sorry sir, I can't remember.
Teacher : OK I've had enough of this. Ahern, you're on
detention every night for the next month.
Bertie : Ah sir.
Teacher : And extra homework.
Bertie : Ah sir, that's not fair.
Teacher : And you'll be sitting extra tests.
Bertie : Ah come on sir, that's not on.
Teacher : And you're off to see the headmaster.
Bertie : Ah please sir, no way. ........ Wait!
Teacher : What?
Bertie : Sir, I remember. I remember what happened?
Teacher : Really? Tell us.
Bertie : Sir, I had me copy on the kitchen table, I was about
to put it in my schoolbag, but then out of the blue,
next thing the dog jumped up and snatched the copy
out of me hand, and ripped it to shreds.
Teacher : Oh.
Bertie : Yessir, that's it sir. The dog ate me copy. Sir.

Don't you just love the Mahon Tribunal!

Mr 'The Dog ate me copy' addresses the American Houses of
Congress tomorrow. He might even wear his favourite green
Darby O'Gill tie, and put on his statesman voice. The aul wans
will say a few rosaries for him. There'll be a few Ceili dancers, and
a maiden playing a harp. Diddley eye!

Oink Oink!

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